Microsoft voted the most ethical company in the US


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Procter & Gamble at #9? After the cancer scandal with their products? They were knowingly selling it despite evidence presented to them by researchers? Uhm, ya that list is suspect to say the least.
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Is this a joke?? April First is months away!!

And nGreedia at #2?? I guess price gouging is an acceptable and ethical business practice today.

And who the hell is this company conducting the poll and those clueless 4000 interviewed people? Do they live under a rock or a hermetically sealed cave??


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Anyone old enough to remember Jay Leno's "jaywalking" or Carson's interviews. Same 'knowledge required' questions.
Not an American, but yeah quite familiar with Jay's 'Jaywalking'. I agree 100%.

From that list above the one company which may ... oh forget it. There is so much swamp in all of those you wouldn't see the surface and sunlight for millennia to come.

'Ethical corporation' is in the same tier as 'honest politician'. By definition on both counts there is/are NONE.


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I can not understand how "Microsoft" and "ethical" can even be used in the same sentence. Its like "military" and "intelligence" or "honest" and "politician".


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I can not understand how "Microsoft" and "ethical" can even be used in the same sentence. Its like "military" and "intelligence" or "honest" and "politician".
That's what happens when the competition are crooks. Even a mediocre company can shine in the presence of such competitors.

But what I'd do is call Microsoft the most innovative company in the area of programming. I hated them for a long time, but now that I see so called programming languages like Ruby, Python or Elm... Microsoft is really far ahead. They basically schooled the open-source community how to make proper JavaScript (Microsoft named it TypeScript) and how to make a proper cross-platform open-source editor/IDE, known as Visual Studio Code.

Classical Open-source community is investing time and effort, they are trying, and sometimes even delivering, but when experts take over you can really feel the difference in quality, magnitude of comprehension and high-level abstraction.


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Petty good for a unethical company that screws its users into forking over more and more because M$ is a great selling company and low on tech morals and tech knowledge.