Migration to Win XP SP2 from SP1

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Sep 17, 2006
  1. Hello Friends,

    I am Nikhil. I am having Windows XP, Home Edition SP1 at my end. Its a licensed version from Microsoft. Everytime on running Automatic Update, I get message for upgrading system to SP2.

    Can you please tell me, whether migrating from SP1 to SP2 is really beneficial as claimed by Microsoft ? Further, will this move afftect PC functioning in any manner like not working certain s/w, programs etc ?

    Please help

  2. wazza

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    Hi Nikfriend

    Support for XP SP1 has ended. There are several advantages to SP2, including strengthened wireless networking support, a better firewall, a million little tiny security enhancements that are important, and the ability to use things such as Windows Defender that is not supported under SP1. You are going to find it more and more common that SP2 is required to use software.

    List of fixes included in Windows XP Service Pack 2

  3. Peddant

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    I agree with all the above,just two points to add -

    1.Make sure your system is free completely from spyware before installing SP2


    2.Turn off all security software (firewall,AV etc).

    Those are the two main causes of problems installing SP2.
  4. N3051M

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    And dont forget to backup before performing any major system changes..
  5. nikfriend

    nikfriend TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks friends,

    I shall be trying to load SP2 on sunday and will share the experience with you all.

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