MiMedia sends you a hard drive for your first online backup


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For a while now I’ve been relying on Dropbox to backup all my day-to-day personal and work-related stuff to the cloud and have these files available everywhere I go. The synchronization experience has been impressively seamless and the 2GB of free storage offered have been enough to keep me from looking at alternatives. But there are quite a few other online backup solutions out there -- SugarSync, Carbonite, Mozy, to name a few -- and newcomer MiMedia is breaking into the space with an interesting proposition.

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Really, $1300 a year for 2tb? I have 4X1.5TB drives on my home server in raid 1. I would consider myself tech savy, but in no way would I consider myself advanced. Had an old computer around with an Athlon 64 X2 5000 be with 6 GB of various ram that i had laying around. Figured I wanted a lot of storage and I wanted it to be secure, as in A hard drive doesnt die and I lose everything.

Only problem i can see people having is the same one I had. Figuring out how to use linux JUST for one thing was ridiculous. It isn't hard to do, took me about a week to figure out what I was doing. It just takes the ability to sit down and read a lot. All together I paid ~$500 for 4 hard drives and a raid card. Didn't pay a damn thing for linux, WOOT!


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1,300 a year for 2 TB?

Is this a joke? Ohhh, alright, alright, I get it Techspot, where is Ashton Kutcher and the Punk'd crew?


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Thats actually not that bad, we sell Online Backup Solutions at work and its like £10 a gigabyte. Although they have always sent out a harddrive for the first backup? sending out a hard drive isn't anything new.


I've tried mimedia and although the interface is clean -- I've found their service slow (Probably why they need to send you a drive home vs carbonite or OpenDrive.com). Anyway, for the price I just don't see it worth it. I've tried both Carbonite and Opendrive.com for backup and have to say I'd much rather use those two services -- both for the price and the fact that OpenDrive has been very fast for me and has a ton of features I've found useful.

Anyway, I guess we'll see where MiMedia is in a few months -- otherwise competitors like Carbonite or OpenDrive.com will continue to see my money.