Mind boggling emachine problems

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Jan 4, 2007
  1. Hello everyone, I'm Joel. I repair computers in my spare time as a hobby... and although I don't consider myself a master by any means, I can troubleshoot pretty well..... just signed up and searched your forums for an answer to this question, but this seems to be something no one I know has heard of, and from the looks of it, maybe not here either, but I'm going to try anyway....... and yes, I have read the thread stating what a piece of junk emachines are.

    A friend of mine has an emachine. It's a T series, I think 2800 or something like that. Here's the problem(s):

    She first told me that the computer was booting up normally, but when she got to the logon screen and sometimes just after, the computer would automatically shut-down immediately. By the time I got over there a few days later, she said when she pushed the power button, the computer made sounds like it was starting, but nothing would ever appear on the monitor. When she'd power it down, she would push the power button and it wouldn't turn on at all. In which case, she'd have to unplug it, re-plug it, and push power again.... at which case, the same thing would happen.

    When I first arrived, I witnessed what she was talking about. Afte that, we pulled the plug (since it won't power down), and when I plugged it back in....... the processor fan automatically turned on and wouldn't turn off. So, I opened it up, and thought it could be the power supply. I replaced it with a spare I had around (and know it works), but nothing changed..... same thing. As soon as you flip the switch on the back of the power supply, the processor fan turns on. I got online w/ tech support from emachines and he mentioned it could be the power switch..... I found it highly unlikely and instead thought that maybe the motherboard was fried..... So, we went and bought a new one and hooked it up to the new power supply....... nothing changed. Same thing happened.

    I've tore that thing apart up and down, left and right, to the point where I threw the motherboard, RAM, and power supply on the bench and powered up..... same thing! I tried a different case, just to see if it was the switch, but nothing. As I said, I know that emachines are considered junk, but I really feel I've done something, or not doing something that's looking right at me! Any suggestions?
  2. Rik

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    You could try removing the ram completely. If it beeps then it could be faulty/damaged ram, if it doesn't beep then the processor may be faulty/damaged.
  3. jhassen

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    It won't beep because it won't start up. The fan comes on, and that's it. If you push the power button, or try to jump the circuit, nothing happens. I'm beginning to wonder if the original power supply fried the motherboard and when I brought the new motherboard over, I fried it by using the old power supply to test it thinking there was nothing wrong with the psu in the first place. I wonder if the RAM is also bad.

    Does anyone know if she were to purchase a bare-bones system and transfer the HD and cd/dvd drives over, if they'd work? I'd assume so, but let me know if anyone has experience w/this.

    Ok, here's another question, although it may be stupid. Is it possible to ruin a power supply from a bad motherboard?
  4. Rik

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    Thats an impossible one to answer really as there are soooo many different things that can go wrong with a mobo, especially a cheap emachine one!!!
  5. jhassen

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    Would you suggest that I purchase a barebones system, replace the RAM, the processor and use the old drives? I found one pretty cheap that would, I believe, still be better than this one. That way she doesn't have to replace the WHOLE machine?
  6. nickc

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    u are aware that to do that u would have to have another Windows Disk to install windows because the drivers on that hard drive are not going to work any computer that is not emachine and everything identical to the first machine that HD was in?
  7. Tmagic650

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    Bad power supply takes out motherboard-Bad motherboard takes out power supply=Emachines A catch 22 senario

    In this case I suspect that the motherboard took out the power supply, then the bad power supply took out the processor/memory. Hard drive could be toast too
  8. Ressurrector

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    Man oh man whatever happened to posting on a forum without registering? Like every message board on the planet has that crap now and I have to sign up just to help a brother out *shakes head*

    ok..lets get to it.

    Now if your even half as good at trouble shooting as you say then surely you would have thought of these suggestions before however here they are again case you forget.

    Putting myself in your shoes here's what "I would do" to boot a pc that didn't boot.

    Step one- Turn power on -either the system will load bios or it won't

    1.In case it won't- means you have a hardware problem of some sort. With power off remove any uneeded cards such as sound,modem,etc leave only the bare essentials video card,ram,hard drive,processer/fan,motherboard now proceed to hit the power button. Now you know that 1 of those components is bad...which is it??? If the power led is lighting up its unlikely the power supply is bad isn't it? Forget the bein choosy bout the case thing (thats desparation man) an atx case is an atx case and without a power supply what is a case really??? either the PS provides power or not..I been in this a lil over 10 years and have yet to see one say put out 4 volts intead of 13 or something..not saying it couldn't happen just sayin the odds of that are extremely low...now IF you happen to have spare parts layin around (like me) that you know work try replacing the parts one by one till bios loads..In this day and age it is unlikely you have an athlon processer just layin around the house not in use in a machine but hey be carefull and try it if need be.(the newer chips require the greatest care to put in..just a bit too much pressure and its all she wrote..) considering this was a factory machine and had the chip installed the right way its doubtfull that would be it.

    2.In case it does load bios-it will cycle through to the point where the OS is on the HDD and it will try to load if it can't it will usually say "invalid system disk" or something else......Actually seein this is refreshing as it means physically you should be fine now step2

    Step 2

    1.OS doesn't load- At this point all that is usually needed is a format...for windows xp just make sure the cd rom is your first boot device in bios then just restart your pc, earlier versions of windows you will need to fdisk and format and partition and stuff, sorry I don't do other OS's (although I once installed Xandros linux without a hitch)

    2.OS does load-If you can get into windows then if you still have a problem it must be OS dependent, your efforts are now against the HDD my friend not the whole system...I have discovered when a stick of ram goes out it tends to create blue screens of death with long numbers like 1111111110000011XXXXXXXXX look for that symptom if a stick of ram goes out. Like you I don't think I'm the greatest but I DO KNOW I am one hell of a pc mechanic and there has been very few pc's I could not fix. From the days of windows 3.1 till now....I've seen it all bro

    Other thoughts- I think you can forget about all of NickC's doom sayen as I'm sitting here right now on an emachines 3410 using a windows xp 64 OS I "acquired" off the net. Now i'll give him some credit...there's a few things that might be hard to impossible to get drivers for such as 9 dollar video cards, stray off brand modems and soundcards ya know like ya find at these little "shops" all over the place. Now lets talk about emachines for a minute...Somewhere through the years I got lazy and sick of building pc's like frankenstein so I just went to a walmart and forked over 600 bucks and got this emachines 3410....it specs are a athlon 64 3200 chip msi mobo 80 gig hdd 256 megs ram(freed to 512 when I put in a nvidia pci express video card) plenty of ports on front. Now honestly I don't even have to read yalls reviews to know this is junk...if its a 64 chip I can't tell.....I got a homemade asus mobo athlon xp 1900 machine across the room will run cirlces round this thing.......Suffice it to say I was very displeased with the performance of this machine..so I thought...hmm??? what can I do for it Well it featured a pci express slot which they "CLAIM" is 8 times faster than agp (why then does agp seem so stout??) So I got a decent video card from tiger direct a EVGA geforce 7300 256 meg ram pci-e.......I wanted to play some decent games on here...it ummmmmmm "helped" but still not alot I still seen the thing about to choke on call of duty 2(again my agp card machine run a circle around it) finally I decided to add another stick of ram...got a 512 pc3200 stick for around 80 bucks (still too much money IMO) and I am finally..FINALLY lol gettin performance I can live with. DO NOT I repeat do not buy a emachines for games ..even with a stout video card and ram they still suck balls Something I will add and ake note of this emachines people.....Something I noticed was the factory installed win xp would reboot like everytime on about every new game when u try and run the problem vanishes like magic when you replace their poison OS with a "non-logo" one Anywho hope my tips help........just guessing it sounds to me like you have a hardware problem..maybe even a failure in the mobo......its one thing for a tinkerer like you or i to have a pc die suddenly as we go in the case often but for just a girl who uses it to have it die??? sounds like hardware failure to me

    p.s. I am runnin mine over a year now nothing major but think my dvd burner is dieing as the door only opens now like 20 percent of the time.......
  9. Tmagic650

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    "Mind boggling emachine problems"... I'd never call any Emachines problem "mind boggling". Replace power supply, replace motherboard, reinstall operating system. Emachines are easy to troubleshoot
  10. Ressurrector

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    lol yup dude seems to be making this harder than it need be. Now if he wants to see "mind boggling' pc problems I can show him a few...
  11. Tedster

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  12. Sandstoneco

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    Not so mind-boggling

    Guess you didn't read the thread "T2385 Croaked! Help!", where we've been discussing the same exact issue I'm having. When you plug the thing in, it is "on" and will not shut down, nor can I get it to boot. Contrary to popular demand, its not the power supply, as I just had it tested and all is good. Good luck to you, and let me know if you figure it out, as I will you.

    Back to the drawing (or should I say mother) board.
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