Mind Boogling Power/Start Up Problem

By akirakun
Nov 13, 2010
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  1. EDIT: I think I should've posted in Hardware. Sorry, please move it if needed

    Ok here's the thing

    Pretty brand new computer 1 years old suddenly stopped booting (read: there is no POWER whatsoever) after shutdown

    Ok, then I replaced the PSU, then it work. Ok fine

    A week later, the same thing happened (after shutdown, no power on boot), thought it was PSU again. But it was not, then it turned out to be the power cable. Fine, replaced it at the computer store, which tested to be working.

    THEN the same day, after I bought my computer home to test, it worked. 2 hours later after work, once again, there was no power (crazy I thought). Tried different combinations of power points, power cables, another PSU, yielding no results. Disconnected everything from the motherboard and still no power (no fan spinning etc etc).

    Bought it to the computer store and what do you know? It works perfectly.

    Ok so then I bought it home again, works and after moving it upstairs, suddenly no power. I have another computer which booted both upstairs and downstairs so there should not be a problem with the wallsocks/connections. And now I have no ideas left, I've tried turning off appliances susepcting there was not enough voltage to startup the computer but that did not work either.


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