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Jul 2, 2007
  1. Ok you guys have been great helping out and I thought I had it fixed but in the last few days I have had like 6 mini dumps.Now the blue screen is not even readable.looks like when you put desktop wallpaper and you tile it.I have been running a clean install of XP,and everything was fine for a few days.then they started dumping agaun.Here are the zip files.Please any help would be great Thanks.
  2. Route44

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    All of your minidumps point to one thing: cmdmon.sys which is a driver for the Comodo firewall. It seems a number of people are experiencing this issue. If you Google it you'll see quite a bit written on this on the 'net. Here is one example link:

    I suggest going to the Comodo forums and seeing if there is a way to resolve this. It could be you just need to update your current version. What version are you running?

    One other thing jcriver442, if you can, please get back to us and let us know what you find by means of resolving this issue. It would be much appreciated. I, for one, have been seriously contemplating using this firewall. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the info I will check it out.It is funny that it is the firewall causing the problem.I had sygate firewall and it was doing the samething.the Comodo firewall seems to be a good application,but I have noticed a slow down of network operation since I installed it.Like web pages loading slower.I will not hesitate to uninstall it.I will see if I can resolve it first.
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    I have Sunbelt's latest version of their firewall and I have BSODs with it continuously and this is their fourth version. They still aren't able to resolve a driver issue. I also have slow downs especially as the firewall loads, but I believe any firewall will cause some slow down. ZoneAlarm was the absolute worst!

    Again, let me know what you find. Thanks.
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    If you had the same problem with Sygate that tends to rule out the firewall as the cause.
    Go into msconfig startup and uncheck everything except firewall.

    Disable anything that tries to use the internet.See if you still get crashes.
    As for Comodo slowing the connection,disable some of the advanced/overkill settings.
  6. jcriver442

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    I went to comodo forums and posted the minidumps there just waiting to hear back from them.I was looking around the boards and found a link to an MS update for BSOD Stop errors
    I installed the update will see if it helps.As I was getting the Page fault error for which it is refering to (0x0000000a)
    But these last error Stop and BSOD where from different codes (0x00000050)

    Not sure how to disable advanced/overkill settings.

    I do know the sygate firewall did not make the web pages load slower.I have noticed the change since comodo was installed.
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