Minors in China can now play online games for just one hour on Fridays, weekends, and...


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Their minds will be sharper, indoctrinated, but sharper while US/EU and others, their minds will be more like "mush".

Hard to see how that will come about if they're robbed of the opportunity to practice thinking for themselves. A high degree of liberty is one of the many reasons why Europe and the US, along with other democratic nations stubbornly endure as advanced and stable civilisations.


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China will become just like the old USSR with a black market bigger than the approved one.


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Good. Kids need to play outside IRL with other people, not stare at a screen all day. And I mena if people are OK with china banning crypto because "muh gaming GPU" then they should be OK with this too, after all it's to stop a wasteful practice that leads to societal issues.
Black and white much?


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Authorities messing around with peoples lives is far more sinister than loot boxes. Parents can protect their kids from loot boxes. But who protects you when the state decides to something that harms you for the “benefit of the state”. Communism is a cancer on this planet and needs to be eradicated.

That's where Mr Paul Kersey comes in to save the day and make others see reason :).


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China seems to be the only country in the world trying to make their children healthy. All the other countries are doing the opposite.