Misc. news round-up, E3 style

By Julio Franco
May 11, 2004
  1. Industry news

    Intel's to debut 1066MHz Front Side Bus this fall. Here is some good news that doesn't invovle Tejas or Jayhawk - Anandtech.

    Sony takes aim at iPod with 'Vaio pocket' - CNN.

    Mini Hard Drives to make big splash - CNet.

    TFT LCD supply to remain tight through 2008 - Digitimes.

    Gateway has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Hewlett-Packard - Globe & Mail.

    Cry to beat iris scanners - The Reg.

    Market share key to Microsoft's Wi-Fi exit (no, really!?) - CNet.

    Google,Yahoo duel heating up - CNN.

    Gaming news @ E3

    id Software confirms summer 2004 ship date for Doom 3 - Yahoo News.

    Nintendo unveils new portable: The Nintendo DS — short for dual-screen - USA Today.

    Sony cuts PlayStation price to $150 - CNet.

    Electronic Arts embraces Xbox Live - CNet.

    Halo 2 Multiplayer Hands-On - IGN.

    Gran Turismo 4 pre-E3 preview - BoomTown.
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