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Apr 25, 2008
  1. ;BOW;
    it's great to be bac 4 advice from great sensais as yourselves.i have a problem with a laptop msome1 brought to me.under device manager the
    -multimedia audio controller
    -PCI simple communications controller
    -USB controller
    -video controller{VGA compatible}
    -unknown devices
    all these have question marks-u know the yellow ones.meaning the drivers are missing.what i'd like to know is WHERE can i get these drivers at one site.specifics of the laptop are:
    OS-windows XP professional.version 5.1.2600 service pack 2 build 2600.
    Sysem type-X86-based PC
    processor-X86 family model 13 steppinjg 8 geuinIntel
    Computer-Intel(R)celeron(R)M processor 1.50ghz,448 mb of RAM
    Packard bell laptop.

    P.S; when i check under device manager it tells me no driver present.with (code28)error.ohh ya and if u want me to check the motherboard please tell me how.i've 4gotten.and do i need to check "systems information" to know wat specific hardware iam dealing wit?4 me to download the drivers?plllliizzzz help sensais ;BOW;:confused:

    new info
    -BIOS Version-insyde software coporation R1.01,12/08/2005
    -System Model-Packard Bell Easynote
    -SMBIOS-Version 2.3
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  3. ostilad

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    thanx sensai.the web site u told me to go to slved all my problems except one.the unknown device question mark is still there.tried to use the a unknown device identifier and it came up with this:
    -unknown device
    *windows description-unknown device
    *hardware ID-MTC0007
    *device category(class)-other devices
    *device status flag-unknown,present,not detected,not phantom,category visible.
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  5. ostilad

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    got the unknown device identifier

    Great sensai,i did download the device identifier and this is what i got;
    Computer Info
    Chipset: <unknown>
    Computer Name: PACKARD
    OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Full or Upgrade Retail)
    Product Key...*************************

    Device Tree
    Other devices
    Unknown device
    Unable to Detect, Hardware ID: MTC0007
    so i do not know where u cud advice me on going for the driver.been having difficulty in getting anywhere in the driversguide.com coz it seems everytime i enter a serial number it refuses the format.wud be great if u cud also tell me on how to use the site prperly
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