Mobile data usage nearly doubled in 2013, says report


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Mobile data usage nearly doubled in the last year according to a study published by industry analyst Chetan Sharma, a consultant for wireless carriers. On a global scale the average is now at 240MB per month, up from 140MB last...

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I wonder how much of that data traffic is due to wireless companies keeping closer track of what their customers are doing so they can make more money off targeted ads and satisfy the NSA, FBI and your local police? ...and they get to charge us to do it! :)


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I imagine that Google tracking alone is eating up one or two percent of all internet bandwidth. The real issue here is: what are the wireless companies going to do about the coming data crisis? Keep hiking prices on a so-called limited resource? Or will they do the sensible thing and start building out 4G networks nationwide and limit speeds in order to provide unlimited service to the greatest number of customers? Nobody needs a megabyte per second down except possibly the military. Nobody. *Everyone* needs affordable, unlimited internet, particularly those with no current options except wireless.


Oh sure - offer consumers only 'smart phones' loaded with bloatware which seemingly require weekly update+refreshes and then be amazed that "data usage" has doubled. Who would of thought that "Angry Birds" push advertising would account for such a upswing in data use?