Mobile Wireless router Reaches 25 Miles

By lowman
Mar 12, 2004
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    Mobile Wireless Router Reaches 25 Miles
    March 11, 2004 (11:01 a.m. EST)
    TechWeb News

    Nova Engineering Inc. has announced a mobile wireless router that it says is effective at distances of up to 25 miles, with throughput speeds of up to 300 kbps. A member of the firm's NovaRoam mobile-router family, the EH900 is targeted at dynamic wireless-networking applications.
    The router automatically establishes links with neighboring NovaRoams while in motion. “If a direct link from source to destination is unavailable,” the firm said in a statement, “data will hop through intermediate users until reaching the intended recipient. The resulting ad hoc peer-to-peer mesh network provides near-seamless data communication in rapidly-changing mobile environments without requiring an existing infrastructure.”

    Included with the router are security features, including Nova's proprietary frequency-hopping spread-spectrum radio signal that the firm says is difficult to intercept or jam. Other security features include IP and MAC address filtering, password protection logins, and 128-bit AES-type encryption systems.

    The results are achieved by utilizing the 902-928 MHz channel. The EH900 has two selectable burst data rates of 400 and 100 kbps, with maximum link throughput of 300 kbps. The firm indicated that the product is currently in successful beta-test use in public safety, military, and industrial-monitoring and -control applications.
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