Mobility Radeon 9000 drivers.

By Scribeman
Dec 28, 2004
  1. As I'm certain many people did, I received The Sims 2 for Christmas and have since been trying like a madman to get the game to work.
    I have a Radeon 9000 video card, and I'm very uncertain about the quality of said card aside from the fact that it should be functioning normally.
    Yet it doesn't, which leads me to ask someone with more experience than I: Where can I find updated drivers for my vid card? I've been searching, especially at the ATI website, but to no avail whatsoever. The drivers either do not install at all or are simply not the correct kind.
    Another troubling issue is... Which drivers precisely should I install? There are so many, and I have no idea exactly which ones are best.
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