MobitechPlus MW1350 webcam

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Apr 1, 2007
  1. I recently bought a webcam off of ebay, the description saying it was a Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000. When it arrived I was very disappointed as I had been pretty much scammed. What I received was this generic Chinese made webcam.

    What's even worse is that they didn't bother to even send a driver CD for it. I've emailed them several times and they said they cannot help me with it and they will not refund the purchase.

    I've looked on google for the MW1350 drivers but only come across Chinese websites, having no luck at all. The cam will not work with the VX-3000 drivers stated in the description..

    Does anyone know where to find the drivers for this webcam? Or any other drivers that would work for it?

    *edit* blindly looking through the Chinese site, the MW1350 on their site isn't even the same as what I have..

    The camera is looks like this:
  2. T5!

    T5! TS Rookie

    I fell for this one too- I emailed the con artist seller and he sent me a link

    spam link removed

    Ebay and Paypal didn't want to know. I want a genuine Microsoft one, so I'm selling it on and listing it as not genuine. Hopefully, i'll get my money back
  3. gddjoe001

    gddjoe001 TS Rookie

    Any solution?


    I'm in the same boat, did anybody find a solution. The link above takes you to a download link that doesn't work anymore.

    Please help if you can.
  4. egozenovius

    egozenovius TS Rookie

    driver for mobitechplus mw1350

    where to send the driver? it has 9,37 MB
  5. gddjoe001

    gddjoe001 TS Rookie

    You're a lifesaver!

    can you send to email removed
  6. hedger84

    hedger84 TS Rookie

    where to send the driver? it has 9,37 MB

    hey man, please send me the driver on email removed

  7. aahmedjanov

    aahmedjanov TS Rookie

    Could you please send to email removed? Thank you.
  8. kissjohn

    kissjohn TS Rookie

    Dear User!

    I boght my son MobitechPlus MW1350 webcam for X-mas. But the driver Cd won't work. I can see you have the driver. Will you please send it to me!

    Thank you!
    And Marry Christmas!
    János Kiss from Hungary

    email removed
  9. mime_smile

    mime_smile TS Rookie

    please help

    Could you please send to me too a driver for Mobitechplus 1350? My e-mail is Thanks in advance!!!
  10. mime_smile

    mime_smile TS Rookie

    driver for Mobitechplus mw 1350

    could you please send the driver on mime_ email removed
    Thank you very much!!! You are awesome!!!
  11. imparatu

    imparatu TS Rookie


    I want the drivers for the webcam mw1350 to pls my mail is email removed
  12. djio101

    djio101 TS Rookie

    Could you send me please the driver for the Mobitechplus MW1350 ?
    email removed
    Thank you very very much !!
  13. jambaman

    jambaman TS Rookie

    Could you please send me the driver for the Mobitechplus MW1350? cheers email removed
  14. Biscuie

    Biscuie TS Rookie

    help :D

    please send the drivers to my e-mail to .. email removed tks in advance ! please someone send me the drivers :X
  15. parleabogdan

    parleabogdan TS Rookie

    Could you pls send me the driver? I recived the same webcam and i couldn't find drivers for it. My e-mail is email removedThank you
  16. wee_drago

    wee_drago TS Rookie

    I lost my driver cd too. could you please send me driver via my email address.
  17. muffin4098

    muffin4098 TS Rookie

    I really need the driver also. Could someone please send it to me or point me in the right direction.
    We gave up on finding the driver for it and trashed the camera.. We bought another...
    Thanks to all the replies
  18. zhaozhilong

    zhaozhilong TS Rookie

    Please also send the file to email removed (replace _ with @ or send us a link in the net to download the file

  19. alberthiggins

    alberthiggins TS Rookie

    thanks alot this driver is so hard to find, could you please send to email removed
  20. k6k

    k6k TS Rookie

    hi there

    i have the same device, please sent it me
  21. k6k

    k6k TS Rookie

    please also sent me one to email removed
  22. rafitafsg

    rafitafsg TS Rookie

    plese help

    hey can u send i to me email removed
  23. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    Anyone needing the driver for the mw1350 webcam, you might try this website:

    Since so many people seemed to need this driver, I did a search and found this. I'm not sure if this is the right one because I don't have this webcam myself so I couldn't try it. The zip file appears to contain some webcam software AND a driver. Unzip the file and try running the "Driver.exe" file by double clicking it or run it from the Start > Run box. If you try it and it works, please post back here and let us know.

    The website is a Korean website but the link is to their English language page and the download is for English users. There is Korean page with probably the same thing but for Korean users.

    Good luck.
  24. egozenovius

    egozenovius TS Rookie

    email removed
  25. egozenovius

    egozenovius TS Rookie

    gmail doesn't accept exe files. Try wit a email removed
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