Mobo and CPU hving problems

By dr_jay02
Feb 24, 2006
  1. Ok i just bought new motherboard and cpu installed everything. Turned on computer and the monitor stayed on orange light. my motherboard didnt come with built in cideo card so i bought one seperate. i tried starting up with just motherboard and cpu connected and nothing else and that not work either, the light on monitor always stays orange. IM SO LOST NEED HELP. REPLY SOON cause i might return all my stuff if they sold me defected parts. but any suggestions will help

    another thing for more added info on the problem

    I hooked my cd rom and hd up and they werent doing nothing. as soon as i unhook the ide cables from the and leave power cables i could hear disk spinning on hd and could open and close cd rom but with ide cable hooked up that isnt possible.
  2. bradnick

    bradnick TS Rookie

    is your graphics agp or pci you may need to change what graphics slot you use as bios may have default as either agp or pci, hope this helps
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