Mobo or CPU problem

By crfldf
Dec 25, 2004
  1. I just put together a Soyo KT880 DRAGON 2 mobo w/a AthlonXP 2800 Mhz 333 FSB (OPN AXDA 2800 KV3D - read off CPU). I flashed the mobo to the most current version k880aa1 along with the newest 4in1 system drivers. CPUID in bios and every program I run shows my CPU as a "Duron (tm). Here is some of the info that is coming up:
    Family:6 Model:8 Stepping:1 Clock Speed:2076.10 Host Bus
    Clock:166.09 FSB:332.18 Clock Ratio:12.5 Volt:1.63 L1:128kb
    L2:64kb OPN Number Not Determined
    Processor Core:Applebredver.1.14
    I'm thinking the CPU is fried or something I've never seen before. Brand new Radeon 9600XT isn't working right with any games either. Think it is due to CPU not registering properly. Any help woulb be greatly appreciated.

  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    Thats a Duron 1600. Sounds like a bogus chip. Where did you buy it?
  3. crfldf

    crfldf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Had the CPU in another system since Feb 04, just upgraded the mobo. Didn't know if something happened to the chip that caused it. I can still use the PC. Just loads XP real slow and locks up sometimes. Will proprobly buy a new CPU either a real 2800 or a 2500 and OC it. Still would like to know what would make a CPU go bad that way (don't want it to happen again). Anybody have any ideas on how to debug the CPU or test it to find out what specifically is wrong.

  4. crfldf

    crfldf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Most definitly a bogus chip. Make myself out to look like a big *****. Got the chip Feb 04, in my defense I've been deployed and or TDY for 7 out of the last 10 months since. Anyways I never checked to see if the OPN was bogus, instead of a 2800 Barton core that I ordered (OPN on chip is for a 2800 TBreb) I got a Duron 1800 Applebred. I set up my bios and overclocked the heck out of it without even relizing it (64kb L1 and L2 cache) explains why it was always running hotter than I thought it should. Lesson learned I'll be giving the seller a call and little piece of me.
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