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By DarthKirby
Feb 10, 2003
  1. Hey all.

    Now instead of buying a PCI vid card and more memory, I'm thinking about a new mobo instead (since then I could get an AGP card). Someone told me I could get something called a 'a7v266' for about $40, which sounds like a great price. But I don't know jack about mobo cards, so I have a few questions...

    First, do motherboards have to do with RAM? Like do certain mobos only accept SDRAM and others DDR? And, do all mobos come with some sort of integrated graphics? My mobo right now has Intel 810e, so if I take it out I guess I won't have a graphics card thing, and I probably won't be able to buy a good graphics card until a few months after I get the new mobo.

    Second, does anyone know anything about the a7v266? I don't need it to be top-notch, just good enough to play Medal of Honor: AA and the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxies. And are there any better mobos that sell for a good price (like 40-60 U.S. dollars)?

    Thanks in advance for putting up with my stupidity :D
  2. Phantasm66

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    New motherboard
    Given that you don't have AGP, this would be wise.

    Motherboards and certain types of RAM
    Yes, certain motherboards only take certain types of RAM. Most nearly any new motherboard you get will take DDR-SDRAM. So your upgrade will involve a new processor, new memory and new mobo all in one.

    All motherboards come with integrated graphics
    Some do, not all.

    The a7v266 is a good enough board, as far as I remember. But you will need a new processor, motherboard and memory. This makes for quite an expensive upgrade but you will notice a big difference. If you are using Windows 2000 or XP you will have to reinstall.
  3. DarthKirby

    DarthKirby TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hmm processors are expensive. are there any other good (cheap) mobos that wouldnt require me to get a new processor?
  4. Vehementi

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    Your Socket 370 Celeron has several Intel based boards you can buy which support your current CPU and RAM if you so please. Intel 815e chipsets and the like are commonplace, although since you have an 810 that wouldn't be that great of an upgrade. The ASUS A7V266 is an AMD based system board, which will not work with Intel CPU's and requires DDR.

    If you wish to keep your SDRAM and not buy new memory, I am sure there are several good old boards that will support everything you have. However, if you so choose to buy new stuff, and get DDR perhaps, then there are even more to choose from.

    There aren't any new Socket 370 boards, so I don't know if keeping your current CPU and just buying a new sysbo for it would be effective.
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