Modder creates miniature GameCube Classic based on Wii motherboard

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Nintendo previously confirmed it has no plans to produce additional retro-inspired miniature game systems based on iconic consoles like the Nintendo 64 and GameCube. It’s up to the DIY community, then, to pick up where Nintendo left off.

Modder Madmorda has done just that with her latest creation, a miniature version of the GameCube built to scale. The remarkable build features a Wii motherboard that was trimmed down to the size of a Game Boy Color cartridge, an actual GameCube heatsink and four working mini controller ports that function with adapters.

There are also two USB ports, cooling vents, a working power button / locking switch and even a functional orange power LED. Composite video is delivered over a 3.5mm jack and the whole thing is powered by micro USB.

Madmorda’s build is about as authentic as they come and according to her, the system is fully compatible with all GameCube games with no lag. She’s posted a full work log over on BitBuild for those interested in a deeper dive.

With any luck, projects like these will demonstrate to Nintendo that fans have a deep desire for more officially licensed classic consoles.

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TS Rookie
This is amazing. I know people have been doing these builds but rPis, but there's something novel about using the Wii mobo to make this.

Squid Surprise

TS Evangelist
Makes sense as the Wii was already able to play Gamecube games natively... Technically, your Wii is already a GameCube mini - just not that small....

Honestly though, the GameCube itself was pretty small - just get a used one on ebay and play to your heart's content.