Monitor Burn out?

By Rab2140
Mar 3, 2008
  1. Hi all , about a year ago . I bought a xerox 19" widscreen monitor and have used it every day for about more than 5 hours everyday. Recently the monitor keeps switching itself off even before POST and i know for sure it is not driviers or software related. What happens is there is like a crackle or "sparkey" sound coming from the power input of the monitor. To get any picture i have to plug and unplug my vga and even then its for about 4 secs sometimes it can be longer but then i hear that crackling noise it gets louader then the screen goes black the power light says it is on but the screen is black.

    Funny how this happens just a year after the warrenty is up eh lol i can get it repaired by xerox for 56 quid which is a good deal. But is there anyway to save my monitor or any idea why it has done this im guessing heavy use wear and tear?

    Cheers all.
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