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Dec 5, 2011
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  1. I have a 6 year old Dell Dimension 4600 and an Acer AL2002w monitor that as of yesterday worked ok. Yesterday the monitor started flashing slow and would speed up than go black and not come back on. The monitor is working and is still powered on and I get a message that says "No DVI signal check VGA cable". If I power the computer off and than back on it works ok again for about 5 minutes and than starts flashing and goes black again.

  2. Cinders

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    I would test the old monitor by borrowing/replacing it with a known working monitor. If the borrowed monitor did the same thing you'd have a good idea it was the video card. If it didn't then I'd guess the monitor was having power supply issues.

    If you don't have a replacement monitor handy then I'd move the monitor to a known working computer and see if it did the same thing there. If it worked with the new computer then you'd know it was your video card. If it didn't work with the new computer then I'd guess that the monitors power supply was failing.

  3. raybay

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    Good luck on that Acer. What you describe ti the final death flash of a lot of Acer screens... and finding the replacement circuit card for the neck of the monitor isn't easy, or worth while... Just time to buy another, most likely.
    the problem is the same for a great number of flat panel monitors.. the screen technology is good, but the circuit board (Usually a $9.00 burns out, and they make their money in replacement rather than repair.
    Unless you get lucky finding a similar Acer screen that was damaged,.

    Most Acer's wholesale for $99 or less, so there is not much room for profit for Acer or anybody else in the supply chain.
  4. DKRON

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    it sounds like the cord is damaged, replace the VGA or DVI cable
  5. Ivicahor21

    Ivicahor21 TS Rookie

    hey there,

    i am having a similar problem. i just bought a new philips lcd monitor,and having big problems.After few minutes of playing World of Warcraft monitor goes blank and computer restarts.It shows "no video input" and after "entering sleep mode".It only happens while gaming,but when i am on fb or doing something else expect playing wow everything works fine.I used to have LG lcd monitor and some CTR monitor and that never happend.

    pls help
  6. DKRON

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    thats a completely different problem, it means something thats set for the graphics in the game the monitor can't handle so it dosn't bother, i had a problem with a 50" plasma playing crysis games and i found out it was the v-sync that was screwing with it
  7. Cinders

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    I have also had a similar problem but the solution didn't actually reside inside the computer.

    I have a computer which requires a bunch of amps to run when I play games. I could browse the web and do other light tasks without issue, but if I wanted to play a newer game that really taxes my HD5870 video card my computer would turn off.

    I'd start a game, and I have a little gadget that monitors my video card, and a few seconds after the cards memory and GPU voltage and usage would rise my computer would shut down. I've had a few problems with my computer so I wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but I took a look at what was actually feeding power to my entire system, and I had everything plugged into a power strip that was at least five years old! So I changed the power cord that runs from the power strip to the power supply as a precaution, and I changed the power strip too; she runs like a champ now.

    This has been happening for a while, and I never thought about changing the power strip because my monitor and everything else wasn't losing power too, or at least I didn't notice they were. :)

    Now you may be asking yourself why would that make a difference. If the power strip could power the computer on why couldn't it provide power for a game. Well my video card uses just a few amps from the 12 volt line at idle but it uses forty amps when it's doing its job. The power supply can easily create those few amps from the power available from the power strip, but the power strip couldn't provide enough amperage to the PSU when the video card demanded it, so either the video card determined that something was wrong and shut down the computer or the PSU sensed something was wrong and shut itself off, or the power strip cut power to my PSU. Anyway way it happened my computer would shut down.

    I just made these adjustments today, so I'm not completely sure I have found the real issue, but my hopes are high. I can't afford to replace a PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 850 SSI or an XFX HD 5870 right now so close to Christmas, so it better be the power strip. ;)
  8. Cinders

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    Well, I haven't had the computer shut down while playing games since I changed the power strip and the PSU power plug, so it looks like I found the solution to my problem.

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