Monitor is jumbled, distorted, pixelly on startup, turns black when gets to desktop

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Nov 19, 2010
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  1. The problem:
    Check the example picture I attached (Welcome_screen.JPG). This is my best recreation of the problem using GIMP
    When I turn my computer on, the loading and welcome screen are jumbled blocks of pixels,
    parts of the loading screen will be copy across the screen, so that the loading bar is in two or three places.
    The welcome screen is even more pixellized, and right before the desktop appears, the monitor goes black, it does not turn off, it just goes black.
    I can use the keyboard to turn the computer off.
    In XP I can use: (Windows key) -> Up -> Enter -> Right -> Enter, to turn the computer off.
    The screen has randomly pixellize like this before, (while I am on the desktop or using Wordpad or Notepad :confused:, never in a game)
    sometimes minimizing the current program fixes the pixellization and other times
    the screen would go completely black after pixellizing, but the computer is still on and working, so I have to power it off.

    The parameters:
    Desktop - Dell Dimension 5100
    OS - XP Home, Media Center Edition, SP3 (updated from SP2 about four months ago)
    GPU - Radeon X300, and integrated graphics which are disabled I can't be enabled unless I can see the screen, which I can not.
    PSU - stock Dell, 305W
    +5V = 22A
    +12VA = 18A
    +12VB = 18A
    -12V = 1A ?
    +3.3V = 17A
    +5VSB = 2A ?
    combined max 12VA and 12VB = 22A!..

    Windows is up-to-date, so are things like java and flash.
    I do not exactally remember, but I have a recent version (last 4 months) of ATI catelist control center
    The computer is mostly used for web browsing, Office, and some Age of Empires 2.

    What I have tried:
    I have tried using a different monitor, still jumbled and pixelly.
    I tried pluging the VGA cable into the integrated video and the Dell loading screen looked fine,
    but then a got a message saying something like this:
    "Error, system halt!
    Add in video device detected
    May not use onboard video with add in video device
    Turn off Computer
    Plug display adaptor into add in video device and Restart"

    I feel that this islolated the problem to the video card, since the integrated video works fine on the dell loading screen, now I just have to get the computer to boot off the integrated video card without giving me a warning.

    I attached a pic of my computers I/0 panel and a pic of the video card.
    I think I should try pulling the video card out and seeing if the system
    will boot off the integrated graphics.

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  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    I take it your system has a dedicated card while your motherboard has integrated video. Is the integrated video disabled in the BIOS? If not, do so. My question is based on what you gave: "May not use onboard video with add in video device."

    Also, that pixillation is information that either the card is overheating or dying. But do the above first.
  3. TeamworkGuy2

    TeamworkGuy2 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 191

    Thank you for replying,
    You are correct, I have a Radeon X300 and some form of integrated graphics if you look at the picture titled: "IO_Panel.JPG"
    I can not enter the BIOS due to the system warning, which tells me I can not use the integrated video, as I stated in my first post. There is no way to exit the warning and continue booting, F1, Enter, Escape, etc.. don't work, so I have to power the computer off after getting the warning, I'll attach a pic if I can.
    The warning implies that I need to remove the video card to use the onboard graphics, should I try pulling the video card out?

    P.S. I totally agree with you about the video card starting to die. I am just looking for some one else's advice, like yours. :D
    I attached a picture of the warning message.

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  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Okay, now I see. First, yes remove the video card and uninstall your drivers. Then run off of your integrated video. What are your results?

    Also, when you do the above can you then enter your BIOS?
  5. TeamworkGuy2

    TeamworkGuy2 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 191

    I can't uninstall the video card drivers because I can't get into the BIOS and I can't get to the desktop.
    Do you mean I should try pulling out the video card, trying to restart the computer using the integrated video, and uninstall the (removed) video card's drivers.
    I have to do something for the rest of today, I'll try to check this tread in six or seven hours and do what I mentioned above.
  6. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    First, you should be able to uninstall your Radeon X300 drivers without having to go into the BIOS unless Dell in their infinite wisdom even locked up those drivers as well. Go to Programs find ATI and uninstall.

    And, yes, physically remove the video card but uninstalling the drivers are important here.

    * Before doing so first answer this question: Did this video card come preinstalled?
  7. TeamworkGuy2

    TeamworkGuy2 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 191

    The video card did come preinstalled.
    I can not uninstall the drivers, because the screen goes black the instant it gets to the desktop.
  8. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Okay, then uninstall the video card from the system. Can you run the system with just the integrated video?

    How old is this system?
  9. TeamworkGuy2

    TeamworkGuy2 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 191

    About 5 years old, definitely not under any type of warranty if that is what you were thinking of.

    I am editing this post from my computer.
    I removed the video card and booted from the integrated graphics, everything worked, Windows XP detected new hardware (the integrated graphics) and after a restart everything is going fine, so the problem was the video card.
    How do I uninstall the old video card drivers? As I believe you said I should do that next.
  10. TeamworkGuy2

    TeamworkGuy2 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 191

    Here is a screen shot of the entries I found in Add and Remove Programs.
    I also attached a screen shot of Device Manager, as you can see the video card device is no longer listed, so I can't uninstall the drivers from there, although I can see the generic ATI Display Drivers in Add and Remove Programs.

    P.S. I found a setting in the BIOS that may allow me to boot from the integrated graphics with the video card installed, and that would allow me to uninstall the drivers from Device Manager.

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  11. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Use the ATI Software Uninstall Utility. Many of us here find the free and stable utility CCleaner and its uninstalling tool to be better than Windows option.

    Have you decided to keep with the integrated graphics from here on?
  12. TeamworkGuy2

    TeamworkGuy2 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 191

    No, I am not keeping the integrated graphics as I would like to be able to play AoE 2, CnC generals, etc... LOL
    I started a new thread here if you would like to help me pick a new graphics card please head over there.

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