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Monitor powers up, but does not display

By qSharK
May 27, 2014
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  1. I usually connect the vga cable from my monitor to the port on my gpu,but for some reason it doesn't display anything now.

    I tried to locate the source of the problem by doing these

    1) Connected the vga cable from my laptop to the monitor, and it displays the laptop's content just fine so the monitor/cable isn't the issue.

    2)Connected the cable to the vga port on my samsung smart tv and to the slot on my gpu and my desktop boots and functions just fine.

    3) I opened up my cpu cabinet and dusted the ram and the video card and put everything back in place but that didn't help either.

    I don't have a DVI cable with me so I can't check if that works and I don't have another similar monitor either I can test it on other than my tv.

    Video card: AMD HD6770

    Monitor Samsung 23'S22B series
  2. mikepbmike

    mikepbmike TS Rookie

    Is the port you're trying to get video out of active? It might be turned "off." Just a thought....

  3. DanOkazaki

    DanOkazaki TS Member

    This might sound stupid/simple, but this issue happened to me, in the past. Could be a fault with the GPU, or a grounding issue, but here's the solution that worked, for me.
    1. Power off your computer.
    2. Unplug the VGA cable from the GPU, count to 30, and then plug it back in.
    3. Repeat the process, if it does NOT work.
    When repeating the process, be sure you do it early, before the computer starts reading from your HDD or SSD. You don't want to corrupt your data.

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