monitor: Princeton VF723 w/ GeForce 2 MX Dual VCard

By cromrell
Jul 29, 2003
  1. configuration:
    windows 2000 Pro (SP4)
    Shuttle MK32N MBoard
    Cardex GeForce 2 MX 32MB DUAL w/ TV out
    256 MB RAM

    Here is an interesting problem I ran into:

    We recently purchased several (6) Princeton VF723 (17 tube w/ flat display) at the office (Costco sale). These monitors are VERY similar to Sylvania TF722 (also purchased on sale @ Costco about 6 months ago) -same case, button layout, just black in color.

    I switched out the Sylvania monitors (which were white) for 2 new black ones... The change was made w/o turning off the PC, but just swapping the monitors. The new monitors came on w/o problem.

    However, once the PC was rebooted, win2000 didn't load properly (after the loading windows 2000 dialog)... and come to find out it was a problem with the new monitors. I re-configured the GeForece video card, and it would work in "mirror" mode (same output to both screens), but it wouldn't work in "dual" mode.

    I switched the Sylvania screens back, and they work fine... the Pricetons also work fine with other machines (w/o dual video cards).

    Any thoughts on what happened?

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