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May 23, 2006
  1. Hello I didn't know quite where to put this and thought video=monitor
    well if that assumption was correct then i was wandering. Montors have a higher resolution than most hdtvs correct? Also is it fairly easy to use my monitor as a tv and connect my satellite feed into it
  2. detrunks

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    To display HD content on your monitor you will need a graphics card that is able to output and process HD content. An off the shelf solution is a Windows Media Player PC. Your monitor abilities cannot provide you with HDTV on their own - you will need the other hardware too!
  3. N3051M

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    to add:

    normal pc monitors (lcd/crt etc) only come with the standard DVI or VGA (15 pin) plugs, and some more bigger/expensive versions would come with other plugs to hook up say... video players and tv antenna etc..

    so you'd probably be looking into one that has the right connection for your satellite reciever, an adaptor or sorts or a tv card and putting the feed through the pc...
  4. eggsrbad

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    so i would hav to plug my satellite reciever into my pc via the graphics card? Then it could run into my monitor, but not hdtv, to have hdtv i would need a graphics card to process that? Would my card do i have a all-in-wonder ati radeon 9600
  5. Mirob

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    If you have a S-video out from the source you can capture it with the video in and watch it with the TV software, just change the input to s-video. You wont get HDTV resolutions :(. I think to do HD you would need a HD TV wonder.
  6. N3051M

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    lol.. what i was trying to say that if your monitor supports direct plugging in from the satellite reciever then by all means.. like this one for example.. (Acer 2032W)
    note this:
    if its a normal run-of-the-mill monitor, then you'd probably want to go through one of these, then pc>monitor

    note that products are just to help illustrate the thousands of options available, and you'd probably find something that you'd like in a different form...

    to answer your original question, yes, monitors have the ability to have higher resolutions to a HDTV, but it is software/hardware dependant (in the monitor, the decoding, the device feeding it and the actual picture). Now adays, the lines between them are being blured between the two i guess, although someone may say differently... The second question refers to the one i think everyone is trying to explain :p

    To add what connectors i mean, starting from best to worst:
    RCA/Compostie Video
    RF (75ohm antenna plug)

    although there are adaptors and hardware convertors that allow you to go from say.. composite-v to s-video.. so you just have to find out what you want to do and what solution suits you.. and we can help you find that solution if you want :)

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