Monitor shows out of range error

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Dec 5, 2007
  1. "I have a compaq crt monitor. It starts normal. Shows win 2000 opening screen.
    Then it shows error...
    Out off range
    H:31-54 KHz
    V:50-99 Hz
    PC Display Settings

    It shows error then it disappears. I have to push monitor buttons for it to pop up again. I tried pushing monitor buttons to check out monitor properties but nothing happens when I push them. It just continues to show error.

    The computer dell win 2000 hooked up to it works fine on my other monitor. I tried hooking up another computer dell win xp to the problem monitor and the same thing happens. The error pops up.

    I've had the compaq monitor at least 4 years. Does this mean the monitor is dead?" My dell crt monitor I've had for over 6 years and it stills works perfectly.
  2. toy 121

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    have you tried doing a correcting sequence, most moinotors will have that
  3. plasma dragon00

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    well, since you cant use the monitor buttons, it seems that theres a problem with the video signal. see if you can fix it by going into safe mode, then if you can log in, set the video resolution to as low as it can go, most likely 640x480 or 800x600
  4. botgames

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    Went into safe mode found this info

    I went into safemode--went into control panel--display--settings--advanced--adapter--properties--resources found this information.

    In settings...screen area 640 by 480. 16 colors

    Each adapter pic next to resource type has a red circle with red slash across circle. This info next to adapter pic.

    Resouce type Setting

    Input/Output 03B0-03BB
    Input/Output 03C0-03DF
    Memory range 000A0000-000BFFFF

    This info in same window at the bottom

    Conflicting Device List

    Input/Output Range 03B0-03BB used by
    Intel [R] 845 Chipset Processor to AGP Controller - 1A31
    Input/Output Range 03C0-03DF used by
    Intel [R] 845 Chipset Processor to AGP Controller - 1A31
    Memory Range 000A0000-000BFFFF used by
    Intel[R] 845 Chipset Processor to AGP Controller - 1A31

    Does anyone know what all of this means? Is any of this helpful?
  5. TripleM

    TripleM TS Rookie

    I recently have had this problem too.

    The Problem
    I don't know what caused it, but I suspect it was a few programs I might have installed the day before. Everything worked fine until I shut down the computer, and then the next day my screen did not look right, the resolution had changed.

    I tried to set it back to the lowest possible resolution (this monitors default) and it said "out of range" I tried re-installing the driver for it, it said "failed to install driver"

    On the best quality I could get, when browsing files or web sites, the screen would flicker like it refreshed instead of scrolled.

    I thought my motherboard or video card might have been fried and was not supporting the driver anymore.

    Microsofts website said to reboot into safe mode and do this and that... that did not work.

    and then.....


    I did a system restore to the previous weeks settings... wulah, it's back to normal!

    hope this helps if you ever have this problem!
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