Monitor shutdown when playing games dragona or etc


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please help me my monitor shutdown randomly and keyboard die also no light when playing games but my cpu still on. monitor only blinking like is in idle or standby. i just reboot the cpu when this happen. what could cause this. this start when i change my gpu from gs8400 inno to palit gt 430 1gb ddr3.

i also monitor gpu temp when got load 61C degree when last shutdown. but this morning i just play for 20 mins then it shutdown again. please sosme1 help.

my spec is
amd athlon64 x2 5200+
emaxx emx-mcp61p-avl
3gb ram
palit gt 430
western digital sata 160gb i think
lg gh22 dvd-rom
techwill P-4 500W

guys i appreciate all the help you can give.


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No, if you were running Vista or Windows 7, then the operating system would matter more. Your video card may be the real issue here...