Monitor signal goes for long time, comes back, goes again

By Molson316
Aug 25, 2005
  1. Before I begin, the problem is the monitor itself, not anything computer related such as video card, drivers, etc. The monitor gets powers also. I tested all of those. Just posting this to see what you guys think.

    Months ago, now and then, the monitior would get a little bit wavey. It would happen randomly, and sometimes it would go away and not come back for awhile. Lately it came back, samething would happen, the screen would get a little wavey, nothing really major, just a little annoying at times, but it didn't effect viewing very much like I said, just a little wavey.

    Then, it got worst. Instead of little waves, it would start flickering and blinking a lot, then it just lost signal. I wait a bit, and it would come back, and it would go again. I found moving around the piece of the cable that joins right into the back of the monitor (and goes to the PC) would get the signal to come back for a few secs. (Yes, the cable is connected to the computer ok with all pins intact). But after awhile, it wouldn't work. I checked to make sure all connections inside the monitor were ok and they all looked connected properly.

    So I would leave it alone, and it would just come back on it's own. One day it came back and was fine for 2 days, until one day I came home from work and it didn't work again. I started moving the monitor and cable around and it luckily came back and worked for the day. But when I came home from work the following day, same deal, but I couldn't get it to come back like the previous days. It seems like a bad monitor cable to me because when I would start moving the back of it where it connects to the back of the monitor, it would come back for a few secs and go again. It doesn't go wavey anymore, the screen just goes black, and sometimes it will flicker before it goes black. Weird thing is it would come back on it's own without touching a thing, and would go the same way, without moving or touching anything.

    Any thoughts, suggestions anyone, they would be appreciated.
  2. Blakhart

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    Replacement seems about the only course unless you can find a repair shop for it.
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