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Jan 21, 2010
  1. so i took out my pc from the storage after a few months and i tried to turn in on but i can't get the monitor to turn on. it just stays in orange light. The fan and everything started up but the monitor wouldnt just turn on. So i guessed i might wanna change the Motherboard and got myself a new motherboard and the problem remains. I tried the monitor with other computer and it works. My pc was working before i placed them in the storage and the only thing that i did after taking them out was replacing the heatsink. i even tried putting the old heatsink on but no use.i didnt hear any beep or anything. can someone please help me with this?
  2. Ritwik7

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    Could you try a different PSU. Just to check.

    Also, it would be a good idea to remove all your componenets from the system and add them back one at a time, checking for POST at each stage.
  3. onion

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    thanks for the suggestion.i just tried with an older psu which was lying around but im still having the same problem. i have tried both the onboard graphic as well as adapter but its still the same. could it be the memory stick? thats the only thing i havent checked.pleasecan someone help me..
  4. Archean

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    it can be, but if possible get your pc serviced/cleaned because it may be some dust thats about it. Also what heatsink you are talking about? CPU ? if so it may not be fitted properly check that out and ensure that the contact between heatsink and the cpu is good (use silicon gum if you have too) as you need good thermal conductivity to keep it cool.
  5. Ritwik7

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    Yes it could. Try running memtest86+ with one module of memory at a time.
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