Monster Hunter World is free to play on PlayStation 4 through May 20

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Monster Hunter World has been well received by critics since its launch. TechRadar gave it a “Play it Now” recommendation based on the “careful refinement” and energy it brings to the series.

GamesRadar said it’s the best and most approachable entry in the series with best-in-class combat, stunning monsters and environments and a simplified matchmaking-based multiplayer system. They even went so far as to describe it as one of the best games on this console generation.

Now is a great time to give Monster Hunter World a whirl as Capcom recently announced a new DLC dubbed Iceborne. It’ll feature a new story, a new locale and of course, fresh new monsters to face. We will even see the return of fan favorites like Nargacuga from Monster Hunter Freedom Unit.

The expansion lands on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6 and will eventually find its way to Windows PC via Steam this winter. Expect to pay $39.99 for the DLC.

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Alternatively you can play the full game including all areas on game pass on Xbox right now. And if you don’t have game pass, sign up for £1 or $1 for your first month.
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