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Montior Goes Blank After Windows Starts.......

By chevelle71guy
Sep 17, 2006
  1. So I have a dell dimension/Windows XP, a ge force graphics card that goes in the pci slot, I don't have AGP...So the problem I am having is, I put the new graphics card in awhile ago and it was competing with the onboard video I believe which caused it to go blank after the windows started........So everything loads up find it shows windows then the monitor just turns off after it says windows xp....So somehow I fixed it about a year ago and it's worked fine ever since, but I recently had to move my computer, So i moved it and now it does that same thing again....I don't remember how to fix it.....I tried to get into safe mode, but i think i turned off the computer too many times while it's loading and now safemode just starts to load a bunch of sentences that say partition in it and just gets stuck and won't load safe mode...So I can't turn it off that way....I tried to go to bios and it has a video controller option that only has auto and onboard, it doesn't have a turn off onboard monitor option....So I am lost, I tried calling dell, but my "Technical Support warranty" is up so I can't get help there....So I am lost on what to do.....So if anyone can help I would really appretiate it, Sorry for the long post, just wanted to make everything clear I hope......
    Thanks for looking
  2. Mohd Haq

    Mohd Haq TS Rookie

    your question was a little confusing but i got your problem. You know most Bios have an option of selecting graphics. If you have selected auto for initial display option in Bios setup then you should know that the bios first scans for AGP card and then for PCI then goes for your onboard graphics card. So, if you graphics card(PCI) then probably BIOS will scan for your graphics card first and will turn off your onboard card. Now about your problem, since you can see windows starting up logo then your graphics card is ok but i think your graphics card drivers might have been corrupted since you have moved your system it might have happened. So, what you do is try to boot your system in VGA mode(select VGA Mode from start up options) and tell me what happens and if the computer boots up tell me do your system shows your graphics card in your device manager(right click my computer select hardware tab and then click device manager button and then display adapter. Tell me what you see then i shall say what to do next.
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