More Incompatability Issues...Post Yours Here

By YellowC4S
Feb 1, 2006
  1. There are problems with the nForce4 chipset and various Maxtor/Hitachi HDDS.
    [To solve this DO NOT install the nForce IDE drivers, just use the Windows drivers]
    There are problems with the ATi TV Wonder tuner cards and Audigy soundcards.
    [Haven't figured out a work around for this yet]
    There are problems with DAO with reference to ATi tv tuner cards and Roxio Easy CD/DVD creator.
    [Roxio says to just uninstall the DAO drivers as they aren't needed. ATi says they are needed as they are part of windows-still don't understand this one because it was the ATi software that installed the DAO drivers. Anyway, if you uninstall the DAO, you won't get the error message anymore]
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