Motherboard/Case help please - Setting up

By kyhas
Mar 18, 2007
  1. I'll admit now i'm not a computer genius so ask for clarification if i don't get something technically correct.

    Anyhow i have been slowly building my own pc piece by piece, and i've come up to the stage of connecting all the wires from my case, to the motherboard i have soem of the main ones in: - POWER led,SPEAKER,H.D.D LED POWER SW, RESET SW.

    But they are not the problem. the problem is all the other wires i think i have to plug in somwhere:- (bundle of wires 1) VCC, GND, TPA+, TPA-, TPB+, TPB- (BUNDLE TWO) GND, VCC, D+, D-.

    I could go on there are more bundles but i'd need to take pictures to fully show what im saying. so is there anyone who can help me with this. Past experience? or an online guide? if not tell me what other information i could put here to help you to help me thank you!
  2. gadgetkeith

    gadgetkeith TS Rookie

    it sounds like the wires you are talking about are for case usb ports there are also wires for mic and earphone jacks on most new cases nowadays you will find a place on the mother board for both lots look close and they are normaly marked on the mother board which is which ie power = normaly red ground = normaly black dy+ or - either green or white the place on the board is normaly marked as front usb hope this helps.
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