Motherboard high/low beep

By spkenny
Apr 20, 2009
  1. This error code I have looked up and appears to be related to the processor either being seated incorrectly, or going bad. It's a continuous high beep, followed up by a low beep, all back to back, no pause. I just wanted to swing into my favorite site here, and get any second opinions before delivering bad news to my customer. And since I'm on the topic, is there any software to test a cpu? I mean, I know how to scan a hard drive, and ram, but how do you know if the cpu/processor is the culprit and needs replaced? By the way, just looked at motherboard, the bios is pheonix and after looking at bios beep codes under pheonix, there is nothing listed for high and low beeping. Under award bios list, high/low beeping is listed as processor/cpu
  2. Tmagic650

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    Replace the motherboard... They fail more often than CPUs. Actually, if you get beeps from a motherboard the CPU is good
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