Motherboard opinions for Athlon XP

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Feb 21, 2002
  1. boeingfixer

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    Re: Reccomended MoBo

    I just found another one too, I am picking up the Shuttle (spacewalker) AK-31A. It officially supports up to the 1800+ XP its about $80 US. Or the DFI AD-70SC which goes all the way to 2100+ XP for about $90 US. Hope this helps.
  2. henrychieng

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    Re: Re: Reccomended MoBo

    My man, i will advise to get the Ak35, which i think it's a better perf mtb and i think Soyo Dragon is a good buy! Cheers!
  3. svtcobra

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    I have always believed in the "you get what you pay for" saying. Selling computers all day, it couldnt be more true. When I buy a motherboard or a PSU I usually buy high end if I can afford to do so. It just gives me a good piece of mind.
  4. henrychieng

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    Acutally, after sometimes of playing OC around comp. I find stability is the key word for me now. Speed after the Gigahertz break thru, it seems like the diff is not so great for me, esp used it for surfing, mp3 and games. Cheers!
  5. albacooch

    albacooch TS Rookie

    Motherboard opinions please

    Well I just jumped onboard. I was reading reviews
    on the 3D about motherboards. I plan on making the purchase for a new one this week, but I find myself still undecided, only on board, not cpu. It will definitely be AthlonXP and most likely 2.0 or 2.1. I can't decide whether to go with the newest 333 or the more tested 266 chipsets. In the 266, I've looked at the Soyo Dragon, Asus A7V266E, FIC AN11 Stealth and BioStar M7VIB. I"m interested in the Asus A7V333, BioStar M7VIF and the Gigabyte7VTXH+. Any suggestions from owners?

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  6. boeingfixer

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    Hey albacooch,

    Since I am the first to get you, welcome to 3DS forums. I am fairly new too. I joined at the begining of March.

    Personnally, I have the Giga-Byte GA-7DXR. It has all the bells and whistles including RAID. I switch back and forth on the RAID part but have used it and it works GREAT. I have used ASUS in the past and was very pleased with their boards. '

    If you haven't gone there yet or don't know about it, here is AMD's list for approved motherboards.

    AMD MoBo List

    I try to stick close to their list as I run into fewer problems with boards that are approved. But ASUS, FIC, and Giga-Byte all make fine boards. To be honest I don't have any experiance with the others. I have heard good things about the Soyo though.

    Good luck with the choice and if you need anymore help just ask !!
  7. lokem

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    Welcome to 3DSforums!

    I would recommend the 333 mobos if the RAM is easily available. Anyway, if I remember correctly, the 333 mobos only give a marginal speed increase over the KT266A mobos.

    Here are some reviews:

    THe review on HardOCP provides benchmarks compared to an EPOX 8KHA+ (I'm using one of that. It's really nice and goes easy on your wallet too :D).

    Hope that helps!
  8. uncleel

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  9. Vehementi

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    ABit system boards? I have no problem with them. In my older machine I have a BH6, and I haven't had a problem with it ever. It's a wonderful board, the stablest I've ever had. I haven't had any experiences with the newer boards, just that one.
    I haven't heard anything bad almost at all about the EPOX. I'd certainly reccomend it.
    The sysbo I use with my Athlon XP is a ASUS A7V266. It's great, and the price is certainly going down with the introduction of the A7V333, so maybe consider that one.
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