Motherboard problem?

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Feb 18, 2008
  1. ok heres what happened, i took apart my pc put it in a new case hooked it all up, turned it on, stared in awe of the colors, looked at my computer screen and it was froze at the HP invent screen...i resat the memory, made sure everything was plugged in nice and snug, and its still froze up at the hp invent screen. i cant f10 to go to setup or anything like that....pls for the love of god someone help me!!
  2. Nodsu

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    Why did you mess with RAM at all? Did you happen to take the CPU off the mobo too? If yes, did you put the heatsink back on properly?

    Start with a minimal system. Nothing but PSU, mobo, CPU, RAM connected. If you have no integrated video, then it should complain loudly about video card missing. If the video is onboard, then it should start up nicely and fail to boot (since there are no hard drives). Connect everything else one by one and see what makes it hang.
  3. rollcifer

    rollcifer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah i tried all that as well and its still hanging up, im pretty sure i didnt remove the cpu or the heatsink, but i guess its possible, anyway you can tell me how to check to make sure
  4. Matthew

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    As Nodsu asked originally, did you remove the heatsink and CPU during the transfer?

    Sounds to me like something is either overheating or shorting out. Make sure there aren't any loose screws or metal objects grounding your motherboard. Make sure you transferred all of the stand-offs properly.

    You can try clearing the CMOS, doubt it'll do much but it has cured some really funky issues of my own in the past.
  5. whitelatte

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    may i suggest you make sure no dust/ debris stuck on your graphic/ sound card slots. Try cleaning your VGA cards (removing ANY dust). This might sound crazy but i did that once and it works thou.

    Perhaps you want to give it a shot?
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