Motherboard problems?

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Hi all,

I just recently bought another computer for work and was built with Asus motherboard (P5VD2MX SE). I have been quite loyal to their brand. I have had it for just one week but there have been so many problems with it and Windows XP. :(

For instance:
1) keep getting this wms.exe error msg when trying to shutdown.


2) When trying to open attachments from outlook email it takes like 1 minute for word and excel files to open. Kind of hangs and then 1 minute later opens. On the outlook it will in fact say "not responding" but then reverts back to okay once the word or excel file opens.

I have never had problems with Asus and am wondering if it could be the hardware that is causing the problems?

Computer Config:
P4 630
2x 150GB HD running on RAID

Any suggestions on what is wrong?


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This may appear unimportant but you didn't mention the power supply.

The PSU is a very overlooked component in a PC. How many watts is yours, and what brand is it.


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It's well worth a look at the psu; what else is in your pc, as it can all add up in power consumption?
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