Motherboard/RAM Problem

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May 26, 2006
  1. I wanted to upgrage my RAM from 128mb to 256 I have a Legend QDI advance motherboard with 3 available slots. I bought a 128mb stick and added it. The computer (Running XP) boots up and runs scandisk then freezes.

    I have put only new stick in and it boots fine, have tried new stick in 2nd slot and thats ok so no RAM or Faulty slot.

    According to an article I saw the motherboard is capable of being upgraded to over 700Mb any ideas ?
  2. N3051M

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    did you follow the (aproximate) rule of buying a matched ram for your motherboard?

    to have 90% compatibility with no troubles the rams must be identical in speed, type, model and if your motherboard is that picky, brand...

    so to summerise, your old ram may not like the new kid on the block.. (no pun intended :))
  3. tipstir

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    You can have two different brands in there also. You might want to try this?

    Might work or not?

    Old Ram in slot 1
    Old Ram in slot 2
    New Ram in slot 3

    What's the speed of the RAM 66, 100, 133?
  4. Billynomates

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    It's 133 and since they both work in all slots the RAM or slots cannot be the problem. The problem is whenI put both in together
  5. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,472   +126

    How old is the system and is that a clone PC. You might be just lucky to get the 256 to work on it's own.
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