Motherboard shutdown on power up

By leemer015
Aug 15, 2011
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  1. Hello All!

    I am assisting an elderly lady with her computer. She does not have excessive use, but to check her email and stuff. The machine she had was a Gateway first generation I believe. A friend did her a favor and loaded windows XP. Unfortunately,
    that wise friend failed to load the drivers. Now I recently purchased for her an AMD Sempron 2400+. With a gig of ram should do fine for her needs. However, when I startup the PC it will load BIOS then attempts to load windows XP then it shuts down. I have worked on PC's for well over 25 years. This problem is a first for me. Would appreciate someone's response. Larry Lee
  2. You have more experience than I do, but I will throw out what information I can conjure from the bowels of my mind. Let us begin with a few questions:

    What are the specifications of this build? I am particularly interested in that motherboard, but the rest is vital too.
    Have you tested the new processor in another build?
    Can you try the old processor again?
    What was the previous OS?
    What type of RAM is installed?
    How many watts does the PSU provide?

    It sounds to me that the issue would be the new processor. Whether it doesn't work or the motherboard doesn't support it remains a mystery. Since there is a new OS being used, it also seems possible that the memory is insufficient, especially due to the fact that you are loading into BIOS properly. We need to know the specifications to be certain of anything. These may seem like stupid questions, but to me, they are important. Hopefully this will stimulate some problem solving.
  3. leemer015

    leemer015 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for your response. I read your reply and others and tried the obvious, the
    the heat sink grease on the CPU. There is such a small space on the CPU chip for heat transfer. I took off the heat sink assembly and cleaned the grease I had previous applied and applied a new blob. The heat sink is definitely the problem. I might need a better heat sink and fan assembly. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  4. I am glad I could help. *Gives humble nod*

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