Motherboard Start-up Issues

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May 30, 2006
  1. I have an old motherboard from My grandparents old computer that we all think that the power supply was fried. anyway, I got all of the other parts from it too and I put it into a new box. Whenever I plug it in it makes a high pitched ringing noise. This, I believe is because I don't have the power switch pluged in the right place on the motherboard. It is a an Old Dell motherboard with an Intel chipset. Like I said before I threw away the old box with no Intention of rebuilding it but It turned out that i needed to. What I'm really asking is where it's supposed to plug in OR what the ringing is really from. or both. Both is good too.

    I was trying to put a picture on to this message of the motherboard onto this message, of coarse it won't work.
    I decided what the hay, I'll make it work so I put the pic onto my website click on the link to see it.
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    What psu are you trying to power it from? Chances are you need a dell psu and not a generic one. Both the 20 pin molex and the white single row connector (i think they call it P3) need to be connected for it to work.
    Also, putting a mobo on carpet is a baaaaad idea, as carpet holds static electricity.
    If you need further help i have a couple of old dell optiplex gx110's that i can open up and check voltages on if thats any help.
  3. simcrazy5000

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    Is the PSU the power supply? because if it is it is VERY generic...i bought it at a salvage house. anyway, i forgot to mention that it was from an old dimension desktop. Thanks
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    Yup, psu stands for power supply unit. I have no experience with dimension desktops but i imagine it needs the correct psu.
  5. iss

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    Older dell dimension desktops used proprietary PSU and motherboard connections that are reversed from the standard. that is why a non dell PSU wont work in one of those older dell desktops. and attempting to get a standard PSU to work in one of those dells can fry the motherboard. the only source for those PSU's are dell or PC Power&Cooling.
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    Thanks. I've been looking around and I've seen people saying that Dell's Crazy Idea for making their own Unique PSUs has caused Fried motherboards. Yipee. I guess I don't have much to do now... I guess it's all a bunch of junk heap. Maybe I'll Auction the working parts off on Ebay.
    Good Ol' Ebay...

    BTW - Amen to yur signature!
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