Motorola is preparing a third Razr foldable with a more powerful chipset

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Recap: Aside from the iPhone, there’s arguably no other phone model with more brand recognition than the Razr. Motorola had a real shot at leading the push into foldables when it brought back the iconic brand but managed to bungle the opportunity – twice.

Both foldables were hampered by mid-tier hardware and exorbitant price tags, but hopefully that won’t be the case this time around.

Lenovo executive Chen Jin in a recent Weibo post shared details regarding the third-gen Razr. As highlighted in the translated passage, the new phone will have a more powerful chipset, an improved interface and a tweaked appearance.

The first modern Razr started at an eye-watering $1,499, and the second-gen wasn’t far off that at $1,399. The latter has since dropped to just $799.99, but even at that price, it’s a tough sell given its middling hardware.

Since then, Samsung has taken the lead in the emerging foldables category after getting off to a sluggish start itself. The company's Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 have been outselling its traditional Galaxy S and Note series, although that could change with the Galaxy S22 Ultra seemingly just around the corner.

Jin’s post suggests the third-gen Razr could debut first in China, although that’s not a certainty considering the spotty translation. We might get more information at CES next week, assuming the device is far enough along in production that Motorola would be comfortable sharing it publicly.

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Couple friends have told me that the Razr foldable has a HUGE crease when you open it.


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The innovation got so stale they started folding phones and pushing them out at record speeds. I didn't know there even was a second one made.

The only foldable I would consider buying would be one that increases screen size without the added bulk, not one that splits a standard screen size and ratio in two. I'll be waiting a WHILE for those!


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If they're going for nostalgia I'd much rather have a phone like my old droid 2, small enough to use in one hand, removable battery, and built in sliding keyboard. THAT was a good phone.


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The most latent image I have of Razr is my brother years ago throwing his to the ground. "This piece of ****!" As much as I hate the size increase of smartphones, I'm holding off until foldables get more dependable. What % of the market are foldables now? Not much of a blip, I can imagine. But it definitely will be the trend going forward.