Mouse-Box puts a full PC inside of a computer mouse

Shawn Knight

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Intel's Compute Stick - an entire PC in an HDMI dongle - certainly impressed earlier this month at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, but what if I told you that it is possible to shove a full-blown computer into a...

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I love how in the video that it's "somewhere in Europe" and the first thing they demonstrate is to use it to be naughty at work. Then later on, it's like, "Here are the positive pros to using it."

Overall, I don't know if I like it or not.
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Interesting... I'm sure my company would love to have everyone bring in there own computer and connect to our internal network, what could go wrong?


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Wouldn't it be easier to just write an app that changes your smartphone into a mouse? With a little plastic backplate or pouch that raises the smartphone so light led acts as laser and camera reads the surface movement?


What does this offer in terms of capability that an ordinary Smartphone doesn't?

Darth Shiv

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"That’s exactly what engineers at polish startup Mouse-Box are attempting to pull off."
Should be a capital P on "Polish" shouldn't it? Implies they are some sort of new shoe shine business...
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now when everybody uses touch control they invent mouse. but they forgot the keyboard. how the hell would he load and control that presentation he was showing? what OS would it use? I think they just try to get some money trough crowdfunding go on a vacation or buy a car then let people forget