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Mouse can run off screen!

By kdecolve · 11 replies
Mar 9, 2006
  1. Hi all,

    I reïnstalled my pc yesterday and since then my mouse has a larger playground for him ;) If I go to the right corner top and click, my application is not closed (when it's maximised), I need to move my mouse a little bit more to the left.

    This is not so comfortable. I've installed already my graphics drivers in the meantime, that's not solving the problem.

    To be 100% clear: I can see my desktop completelly, so my clock is on my screen the close button on a maximised window as well. Only my mouse can go more to the right.

    Is there someone who might have an idea?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards

  2. Nukey

    Nukey TS Rookie Posts: 110

    Is it a standard PS2 mouse or a USB mouse you are using? sometimes if there is some confusion with the graphics resolution it can cause the mouse to come right off of the screen. Try booting the PC in Safe mode (F8 during startup) and see if it happens then. Let me know how you got on. :)
  3. kdecolve

    kdecolve TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well it's a standard Microsoft mouse: it's an usb mouse with a ps2 adaptor. I must say that I'm currently using it as an usb mouse.

    I'll try your solution this evening, I'll let you know!


  4. detrunks

    detrunks TS Enthusiast Posts: 153


    ummmm......isn't it normal for the mouse to disappear on the right side - it's when it disappears on the left side you have to worry :suspiciou
  5. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Are you using some custom mouse cursor(s)? Are you actually trying to click with the tip of the arrow? The mouse will go off the right edge of the screen up to the action pixel (the point that actually defines the mouse location - usually the tip of the arrow). If someone made a cursor and defined the action pixel wrong (off the actual cursor image), then you get this kind of behaviour.
  6. kdecolve

    kdecolve TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hello all,

    I just reinstalled my pc, everything except graphic driver (and windows patches) is standard.

    Indeed it's normal that your mouse dissapear on the right, a little bit. But it's not a little bit. If I move my mouse to the right and then back to left, it's not immediately back.

    I'll try to click right with (haven't tried that one) to see if the context menu pops up.

    thanks already for your feedback! I keep you posted
  7. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Do you have the MS-Office Toolbar on the right?
  8. kdecolve

    kdecolve TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No ms-office toolbar, not yet installed :)
  9. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Maybe Windows thinks you have another display installed? See if you have several monitors active in Display Properties.
  10. kdecolve

    kdecolve TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Hi all,

    Just for you to know: I changed my refresh frequency from 60hertz to 85 hertz and now it's solved ...

    No idea why, but now it's acting normal.

    So thanks again for your replies!

  11. BeetleTX330

    BeetleTX330 TS Rookie

    LOL! I decided to test this theory and friggin closed the IE window! So... the mouse cursor clicks the X even though it's completely non-visible. :/
  12. ovvn.you

    ovvn.you TS Rookie Posts: 98

    i wouldnt still be using ie if i were you man, firefox > ie, even netscape > ie
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