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Mouse pointer freezes on 2 machines of same model

By Hypercube
Jul 28, 2016
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  1. Hi everyone. On July 25th, my fiance and I bought new computers of same model from Fry's Electronics. While setting mine up, it would not accept the product key, so Microsoft generated me one for free since they were new machines. I did all Windows updates through automatic updates and also with paid version of Driver Genius / Fix It Utilities for drivers that Microsoft doesn't provide. Cleaned out all old drivers with that same program. Defragged machines. Drivers for my mouse that came with the computer come from Microsoft updates. Manufacturer site provides no mouse drivers.

    Next day, both of our mice pointers started freezing up. Searched online for possible fix. One said to disable RealTek audio driver. Did that and everything went to normal for about a half a day. I hooked up my other computer's mouse which is a Microsoft comfort mouse 4500 and it too froze up. It's especially happening when near any kind of video or ads on websites. Facebook, World of Warcraft, etc. Sometimes ctrl-alt-delete and alt-f4 will close it, sometimes not. When it doesn't, I have to literally shut down with the power button.

    Night before last, I ran a /scannow which said there were no integrity issues. I've checked device drivers, reinstalled them to no avail even after they showed no issues. Yesterday, my fiance contacted Microsoft Tech Support who remotely looked at his system and said a driver was wrong and fixed it. His mouse is fine now so far. Same tech tried to fix mine to no avail. That tech had me do a re-install of Windows 10. No luck.

    I have checked to make sure my usb ports are working. Mice are wired. My phone, head set, etc. work fine in all usb ports. I ran Malwarebytes paid version, came up clean.

    No devices are showing a yellow ! and all say they are working properly.

    I'm at a total loss on what to do at this point. It has to be some kind of issue with graphics, since it's worse around any type of videos or ads that are on websites or even sometimes when just opening a chat session with a tech or opening a program on my system like Paint.

    I'm going to now attach file scans I just ran tonight, so you can see computer specs and other information like possible over-heating. Any suggestions or help at all would be so appreciated. I have spent so much money on tech support, Windows key for my fiance's machine and the like. I'm about to tear my hair out. So many people seem to be having this issue, it's all across forums of all kinds. Thank you for reading. :)

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  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus TS Evangelist Posts: 2,638   +491

    DxDiag seems to have multiple mice and keyboards - How does this appear in Device Manager? Some years ago, I cured a similar problem by uninstalling all and restarting.

    However, I suspect that the Microsoft Generic Mouse driver may not be generic enough.

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