Keyboard / Mouse Mouse randomly dies for a couple of seconds


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As the title says, my mouse stops working for a couple of seconds and then starts working perfectly again. It mainly happens when I am playing BF3, the game freezes for a second, then I hear the usb-removal sound Windows makes and the game unfreezes but the mouse is dead, then game freezes again for a second and mouse starts working. During the moment mouse is dead all other USB connected things works, only mouse that dies.
It has happened a few times before when im not in any game.

Why is this happening? I have never had any problem with this before.
I have tried putting my mouse a different USB port and it helped for a day or two and then it happened again.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
i5 2500k
GTX 580 Twin Frozr II


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I have had this same problem a few months ago. Although it happened with my mouse and keyboard simultaneously. My main harddrive was going bad. I replaced it and have not had the problem since. It was rather confusing at first as I had never seen these symptoms before from a bad harddrive.


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Just noticed that it occurs when the top of the mouse cord (closest to mouse itself) hits my keyboard. The top of the mouse cord is a bit broken so the wires and stuff is visible, I guess when something hits those wires it gets disconnected, guess I have to buy a new mouse, thanks any though!