Moviemakers sue VPN service for promoting and facilitating piracy

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It's quite clear that this will go absolutely nowhere because lots of people download torrents without the use of a VPN. The fact that a VPN can aid in torrent downloads isn't something that is the responsibility of a VPN provider because they have no control over what their customers do with it.

It's like suing Ford because someone driving a Ford hit you and saying that Ford granted them the means to move at that speed and crash into you.
How about removing ridiculous local content restrictions instead? This is what drives the bulk of file sharing.


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I think besides the advertisement mentioning Popcorn Time, I don't see anything wrong with VPN. People use VPN for many reasons, and file sharing and piracy is not one of the main reason in my opinion. If that is the case, then file sharing/ piracy happens because of Internet, so they might as well just rule it as illegal and stop all internet services.


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Protip: you can torrent to a seedbox and don't need a VPN at all. The seedbox service does the torrenting, and then you just FTP into your box and download at full speed.