MS-DOS Can't Find My Drive

By cocheese
Dec 16, 2005
  1. Like most users here, I have computer freezing errors, and have tried many ways to reconcile them. While en route to finding the errors that may keep me from running optimally, I created an MS-DOS boot disk, to update my BIOS. I have a K8M NEO-V Mobo with an AMD 64 2800+ Processor, DL'd the latest BIOS, and it tells me to leave the bios on the hard drive, and open it up from there, as opposed to putting it on a disk and running it from there.
    So I created my boot disk, booted up in the A:\ like I expected, but when I tried to change to my hard drive, it told me that it could not be found. Was wondering if this is an XP issue, or a prticular issue to my mobo. Had an idea that maybe my Hard drive hasn't been loaded by the BIOS yet, and can't be found, just the floppy shows up as an option for drive letters.
    Starting to think maybe there is an issue with the hard drive, it's a Western Digital 300GB. I realize this is the Windows forum, but I think the MS-DOS issue fits here better. Anyone else have similar errors, or know if I am missing something?

    Thank Ya
  2. Nodsu

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    DOS does not support NTFS file systems out of the box. If you are using XP then this is most likely what your hard drive is formatted to.

    Better copy the BIOS to a floppy (if it fits). Before actually executing the flash program, test the floppy contents. "copy a:\*.* nul"
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