MSFT Flight Simulator

This is crazy, I got banned from Flight simulator forums and discord for stating I was gonna see legal help due to having months and months of issues with them. I was banned on the discord & there support forums by the same mod person for stating "I am going to seek legal help if no one helps me with this issue I have waited for months and month" I guess because I used the word "Legal" I was banned I later spoke to a MSFT support rep and they stated I should not have been banned for saying that and that MSFT values its customers freedom of speech. But they cannot unban me from the discord and the forums. The mod who banned me pretty much was very disrespectful I will leave his name hidden but I have no idea what to do.

My account is not banned just off discord and there support forums. MSFT said they cannot do anything since its not connected and its a sub company. I do not know what do but I had been having issues with my sim for months and have invested a good deal of money into aircraft and such in game little over $700. I think that gaming companies need to stop dictating how customers speak.

I was wondering if anyone else knew how to get help from MSFT flight sim?

My sim freezes after a few mins and keeps going had this issue since may of 2021 and I tried to get help and all the doors kept closing on me which lead me to state what I stated and was banned from there support and discord for any type of help

My specs are a AMD ryzen 9 5900x, 128 GB ram, M2. 1TB SSD etc I have enough power but I know I was not the only person who was having this issue.