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MSI adds real-time overclocking to P55 boards

By Jos · 5 replies
Jul 9, 2009
  1. While most people will just dive into their system’s BIOS or use a Windows-based tool to squeeze that extra bit of performance on-the-fly, MSI wants to make things easier for overclockers. With its upcoming P55 motherboards for Lynnfield and Clarkdale processors, the company will be introducing the new Direct OC feature, which will see three overclocking buttons located directly on the printed-circuit board.

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  2. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 378   +7

    TBH i have my case closed at all times, and i'd prefer dwelling into the bios to do and overclock than to go into my case and press some buttons which would probably be blocked by cables, GFX or just too small to fit my hand in... >.>

    gimmick but not practical IMHO.
  3. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,124   +1,617

    Exactly what hamsteyr said. Who wants to fool around with cracking their case to do the same thing via BIOS in seconds?
  4. Mycologist

    Mycologist TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Going to have to third this motion, to be honest I've never quite understood the idea behind 'on the fly' overclocking; overclocking is generally a long process where you slowly increase the clocks, test the stability, increase the voltage, test the stability; not just whack it up a notch when you 'need a bit more juice'. If only it worked like that! :D
  5. skitzo_zac

    skitzo_zac TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 413

    I agree with the other comments on this. As an overclocking 'noob' (I have only overclocked once before, my C2D e6300 from 1.86 to 2.45GHz), even I don't trust these sort of OC methadologies. I would much prefer to keep my case closed at all times and have my CPU running at a pre-determined (via BIOS tweaking) overclocked frequency that I know is stable for extended periods of time.
  6. i tweaked my gaming rig for some time, but once i got it squeezed, thats it...no more OC.
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