Msi Dr8-a Problems

By cris
May 25, 2004
  1. I have just bought this MSI DVD DR8-A and installed it and im having problems burning with it i am useing DVD SHRINK as the ripping and burning programme also the nero software that it came with when i burn with it it is ok, but when i try to explore the allready burnt disk there is nothing there although the disk is full.

    I have burt two good copys only.Also when i explore the disk my desktop frezzes and i have to reboot the machine.

    I am running XP PRO with service pack one with all the patches.
    MY machine is a epox board, XP2600 processor, one gig ram,with a radeon 9600pro.

    I have tryed changing the ide cables but with no change.

    It would be much appreciated if someone could give me an idea what the heck is going on.
    Holly Crap

    I am trying to burn with TDK DVD+/- discs , it must be something wrong with the discs because ive got a LITON DVD ROM as well as the MSI DR8-A and the both of them lock the desk top up when i try to explore the blank discs, they dont reconise the discs, ive just got a 50 spindle of PRINCO DVD- discs so ill give these a go and see if they work. If theres any more info that anyone has got it would be much appreciated
    Now ive burnt a couple of good copys, the MSI DR8-A wont play the the burnt discs but the LITON DVD-ROM will, ive downloaded the flash for the MSI DR8-A but when i try to flash the drive its telling me that the flash is the wrong flash for the hardware, im trying to yous the 150d_scr.bin file.

    The drive also wont reconise the Princo disks.i

    Im stuck fellas.
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    Inside XP is an option to turn off the internal CD-burning program. I run W2K, so don't know where or how, but do a search on this forum or the internet.

    Can you play back official DVDs? Read official CDs and play audio CDs in it?
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