MSI WindPad 110W Tablet Review + Windows 8 Impressions

By Julio Franco · 34 replies
Sep 30, 2011
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  1. Bought the windpad for office use but it runs so slow and hangs up. The warrantee period is very much an issue as they charge to even look at it. Something must be wrong as your and other posts never mention this issue.
  2. I have the MSI WindPad 110W 32 gb hard drive with Windows 7 (home), and when I run the windows 8 install, it says there's not enough room. I did the full reformat to factory last night, which leaves it with a whopping 10 gb free space (sigh), and the Windows 8 install says it needs 20gb free space... how did you manage to install Windows 8?
  3. Where do I find the BookList for downloads.
    Also the costs of downloading books/music?
  4. this review was really just several minute 've changed my mind. MSi 110 is not my list now.
  5. I didn't expect perfection, but I did expect a minimal amount of function. I have spent six hours on the Internet desperately attempting to load Any Webpage. All I get is pages that freeze. Sometimes they stay frozen so long that Windows shuts down. We have numerous laptops and tablets in our large household. None of them give us these problems with Internet usage. I give up! This piece of junk gets returned tomorrow. What a waste of time.
  6. The only problem I saw was the review where he states that the Acer Iconia W500 doesn't come have a docking station, when in fact, it is sold with the docking station, and the docking station actually has 2 USB ports and an ethernet port.
  7. I bought the MSI windpad and found the R/W speed is too slow that it is frustating to just wait for simple task to initiate or complete. I have to replace the 32G msata ssd with another brand of msata ssd (ADATA 128G). The result changes the whole performance, now it is brisk and fast in opening applications
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  8. After using this Tablet nearly a year now, I need to say thanks again for that review!
    It helped a lot aon my way of decision. I'm still very glad I choose the Windpad, even more since there is Win8 Pro for 30€ inthe first 3 month after release. With WIN8 on it'll be even better!

    Just one thing on the "right-click-comment" of you. The "click and hold way" is indeed anoying, but there is much better way: "click and tap with a second finger anywhere else". This is much faster and easier. I usually put my Finger on wherever I need f.e. the context menue and then tab with my thumb down... et voila: the context menue opens instantly! You just while one Finger on the target a second tap anywhere else. It's easy to get used to and as fast as a right mouse click, really. :D

    Also I like the advance WIN7 gestures, which seem to be unknow for most of the people.
    With simply sliding my Finger f.e. to the upper right I copy, sliding to the lower right pastes.
    Upper left is delete. All this eases and speeds up work immensivly! WIN7 is not as bad on a tablet as most people state. If the possibilities are properly used, that is! ;)

    Keep up the good articles and reviews!
  9. Just to note a mistake. The Acer W500 does come with a keyboard docking station and the C-50 (rare chance of getting a C-60) APU...which is technically the same apu as the Z-01(don't know about the power usage). The windpad has a nice advantage of getting or being able to upgrade RAM. The W500 has it's 2gb of ram soldered in. :(
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    Hi, I just upgraded our Windpad - found the same problem not enough space, so bought bigger hard drive 258gb and installed, had already upgraded to 4gb ram, installed windows 8 on new drive and works like a dream. Only the camera does not work as windows 8 has not got an updated driver for it yet. Cost around $250 to new hard drive (mSata) and it is really the most awesome tablet now.

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