MSN Messenger Freezes when webcam is.....(and you click link)

By Mele
Jan 10, 2006
  1. Does anyone experienced problem with msn messenger when you have your webcam on in the chat and your friend sends you a link.....i click the and messenger freezes, it doesnt show up when webcam is off or video chat is off. I use firefox as a internet browser and messenger is 7.5.
  2. gullf1sk

    gullf1sk TS Rookie

    Me and my girlfriend got the sam exact problem. Been googling around trying to find a solution, but with no luck. Anyone know what could cause this?
  3. gullf1sk

    gullf1sk TS Rookie

    Doesnt ANYONE know what could cause this problem? I just reinstalled my computer and bought a new webcam, and the problem is still there ....
  4. gullf1sk

    gullf1sk TS Rookie

    No ideas? =[
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